Taking your digital business to the next level

We take the mystery (and the pain) out of creating and implementing your strategic digital marketing plan so you can focus on running and growing your business.

One key reason our clients see results from their Blue Ascension digital marketing program is our strategic approach. We understand how marketing vehicles, tools, and technologies work together across the full range of digital marketing. We create the end-to-end connection of the right tools and ensure they work together in a cohesive flow.

Using the combined power of social media marketing, demand generation, content marketing, website and landing page design, and email and newsletters marketing, we put the spotlight on your business and brand, with a long-term focus on results.

Strategy & Concepts

Tactics without Strategy is the noise before the defeat

- Sun Tsu

Strategy and our holistic approach to digital marketing are the foundation of everything we do when working with you.

We tie together all the technical pieces of your digital marketing program (website, email marketing, social media, sales funnels, and more) so they work seamlessly and produce greater results than haphazard tools implemented randomly.

We create content that engages with your audience as human beings, not as generic avatars. Then, we implement technology in thoughtful and effective ways, measure the results, and use the data to see what’s working and what can be adjusted for better outcomes.

Our methodology is based on data-driven results and outcomes. Why? Because we don’t believe in magical marketing pixie dust.


  • Full digital framework review and strategy
  • Brand messaging & consistency across channels
  • Technology integration and process review
  • Digital marketing plan development
  • Multi-component marketing plan
  • Opportunity & risk evaluation
  • Digital campaigns (Brand Launch, Events, AD)
  • Ongoing maintenance & support

Social Media Marketing

Letting your voice reach the fans

Want to learn the secret of using social media as a serious business tool?

It’s not all about thumbs up, hearts, likes, and shares.

We pair strategic social media content development with a long-term, data-driven approach. This helps you know what’s effective, what’s working, and how to leverage the unique aspects and audiences of each platform to achieve results.

Done well, social media management is an effective and often cost-efficient way to reach your current audience and attract new customers, as well. We design a strategy with the social channels that are right for your business (one size does not fit all) and leverage the strengths of different platforms.

Whether you’re looking to energize and rebrand your social media presence or create your social platforms from the very beginning, including content development and posting, we’re here to help every step of the way.


  • Identify the right channels for your business
  • Develop your social content strategy
  • Social media content for current news and evergreen (on-going) content setup
  • Event campaigns and promotion
  • Leverage live content to reach more people

Marketing Website Services

Websites that work for your business

No matter what business you’re in, your website is your first opportunity to make a positive, lasting impression on new customers and build trust with existing customers.

We specialize in designing marketing-focused websites that share what’s unique about your business, product, or service in a visually appealing way and integrating a storytelling approach to content development.

During our design process, we work closely with you to create a site that captures the heart and soul of your business.

But we go further than simply designing your beautiful website that looks good with compelling content.

Using the latest technology and integrations, we help you see and build the traffic on your site. This data makes your website  a powerful business tool. 


  • Custom website design
  • Sales & Marketing Funnels
  • Existing website redesign
  • Dynamic content for advanced sites
  • Custom content development
  • Performance optimization
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Ongoing maintenance & support

Email & Content Marketing

Email & Content marketing is a subset of Demand Generation, and it provides valuable content to your customers in the ways they are most comfortable receiving it. By doing this, your company is seen as a leader and trusted resource.
We believe that email marketing is one of the most effective forms of content marketing, both in value and results.

Done well, your email newsletter nurtures customer relationships and builds trust, and it’s a proven (and low-cost) sales tool. We specialize in creating email newsletters that are human-centric — they speak to your customers and help build the relationship over time.

Content marketing also includes webinars, blog posts, social media campaigns, single-topic landing pages to encourage email sign-ups, and more.

We work with you to create the search engine optimized (SEO) content that fits your business and results in increased sales and  customer longevity.


  • Ongoing email marketing campaigns
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Existing website redesign
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) rich blog content
  • Press releases and media relation content
  • Performance optimization
  • Event communication and promotion
  • Custom website copy (sales, technical, topical)

Let's Talk About Your Business

We offer flexible, tailored services to perfectly suit your needs and your budget. We can’t wait to talk about your goals and how our strategic digital marketing approach can help you get there.

Let's create a plan that captures the heart and soul of your business.