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We believe digital media isn’t about the cool tools. It’s about using the power of technology (implemented with the human touch) to help you find, reach, and engage with your customers as you nurture them into becoming your fans and advocates.

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Taking your business to the next level with a digital transformation is one of the best ways to increase the results of your online presence.  

In this article, you’ll discover how leveraging the combined power of the Digital Trinity (website, email, and social media), then adding three key support components, all combine to maximize the effectiveness of each element.

It’s true: 1 + 1 + 1 = LIftoff for your business.

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Read on for tips and tools to launch your business even higher by combining:

Why is it important?

Because it’s all about helping your business find and connect with customers.

The Digital Trinity

What is it?

Using one element of digital marketing is great, whether that’s social media, your website, or the email newsletters you send to your subscribers. But using all three components of what we call “the digital trinity” makes each of them stronger than when used separately.

How It Benefits Your Business (why important)

Because your message gets a boost when all the pieces work together in conjunction with the right message at the right time (customer journey).

First, because your message can reach your customers and potential customers in the places they’re most comfortable and using the communications vehicle they use the most.

Here’s an example.
When you’re either looking for a product or service, or you’ve found a company that you enjoy doing business with, chances are you prefer to hear from them in a certain way. Maybe you go to their website to see the latest news or product information. Or you love checking out their social feeds for what’s going on. Perhaps you subscribe to their email newsletter and read it when it makes sense for your schedule.

Your customers and prospective customers are the same. Some people prefer to read content on a website, others like to search for reviews and comments, and still others want to receive information through an email newsletter.

Second, sharing your consistent message through multiple channels helps your business be found the first time, and then connect with your fans over the long-term.

Third, using the Digital Trinity allows each component to point to the others. This leads to a strong online foundation that helps build solid organic search results, gives you a place to point your customers with a Call to Action (CTA).

Social Media (Marketing)

What is it?

Social media, including platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, as well as LinkedIn and others,, is a free, highly popular place to share your business’ message with people in the places they like to hang out.

How It Benefits Your Business (why important)

Social media has become more than a place to be entertained, it’s a serious business tool.

Key Takeaways:

No matter the channel you choose, social media is a great place to:

  • Share your message in short, engaging ways
  • Build trust
  • Start conversations with your customers
  • Add CTAs to your website or landing page

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Email Marketing

What is it?

The new/old email newsletter is one of the most effective and trust-building ways to reach your customers. When you combine the “news” about your brand with the “letter” that shares the passion and energy of your business, your customers feel they are part of something special.

How It Benefits Your Business (why important)

Because you own your email list, you control when and how you communicate with your customers. In contrast, social media platforms have algorithms that can drastically reduce how many people see your content – and your business can even be blocked or removed without notice.

Key Takeaways:

Your email newsletter is a proven way to:

  • Start building your list early

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Marketing-Focused Website

What is it?

When built as the foundation of your Digital Trinity, your website provides valuable information, builds trust, and nurtures your customers by answering their questions and providing solutions to problems they have.

How It Benefits Your Business (why important)

More than a static place for your basic business information, your marketing-focused website builds authority and trust as it brings the energy and passion of your business to life in a single place.

Key Takeaways:

Your website isn’t boring data. It can be a treasure box for your customers to explore:

  • Get to know you and why you care
  • Learn about your product & services
  • Build trust by reading comments from other customers
  • Dive deeper into helpful articles that solve a problem or give them answers

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