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The HeART of Business

The HeART of Business is our journey to discover (and share) why some businesses thrive, not just survive, by combining sound business practices with the art of human connection.

Growth Mindset Feature
Success Series

Developing a Growth Mindset is Good for Learning (and Life)

Stanford professor Dr. Carol S. Dweck discovered two primary mindsets – fixed and growth – and each one has a big influence on how we approach learning, challenges, and long-term success. The good news: intelligence can be grown through challenging our brains, just like our muscles get stronger with exercise. Read on to explore more

Digital Media Strategy

Own Local Search: 5 tips for five stars to drive business using local tools

You likely know of — or actively use yourself — local search tools like Google, Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others when you’re looking for a new product, service, or experience. But have you thought about how YOUR business appears to a potential customer on these local search tools — and how your business

Digital Media Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy: The WHY Behind the Words

When we fail to plan, we plan to fail. These wise words by Benjamin Franklin could be the warning cry of the sad results that can happen when a content marketing plan — and the pieces that it contains — is developed without spending time on clarifying the strategy. In other words, what’s the WHY

Digital Media Strategy

7 Digital Marketing Trends (2021)

Are you ready to rock your business in 2019? Here are seven of the most powerful trends that can help your business stand out, attract more customers, provide value, and develop your customers into advocates that keep your company top-of-mind. Ready? Let’s dive In. Trend 1: Video What is it? If you feel like video