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It's a Crowded Sea of Online Choices.
Help Your Customers Find You with a Strategic and Integrated Digital Marketing Plan.

What We Do To Help You

  • 2 billion users on Facebook
  • 1 billion users on Instagram.​

With numbers this enormous, how can your business rise to the top of the crowded digital sea?

  • 91% of retail brands use two or social media channels
  • 81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform

Your competitors are there. Is your business capitalizing on the opportunities that did not exist just a few years ago?

Whether your business is brick & mortar or 100% e-commerce, the opportunity is real.

There’s just a little challenge between opportunity and reality.

It’s called digital overload.

How do you get your message out there?
How do you help your business stand out online?
How do you help new customers find you?

And how do you find the time to do all this while running your business?

Are you overwhelmed yet?

Take a deep breath.

Now imagine you have a solid core of delighted return customers. A steady stream of new customers excited they’ve found you. And an ever-growing awareness of your business and the great experiences that your customers want to share with others.

All this from your compelling online platform and integrated social media program that nurtures your customer along the full circle of engagement.

We’re ready to help your business ascend to the next level using the power of digital media.

Social Media Management

Attract & Engage

We create a strategic social media framework focused on your audience so you can focus on your business.

  • Social media content management plan (content ideas, timing, calendar)
  • Custom content (copy and visual)
  • Reputation marketing (monitoring and responding to customer comments online)
  • PPC/Ads and promotions (targeted to the right audience)
  • Social media reviews (baseline and continued measurement)
  • Multiple-channel campaigns (ensure consistent message)
  • Custom monthly reports (own & competitors)

OMG! Social media has grown up to become a powerful business tool. 91% of retail brands use two or social media channels, and 81% of small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform.

The big question: How can your business rise to the top in your specialty?

A social media program need not be overwhelming. At its essence, social media is simply sharing stories:

  • about your team
  • your business and products
  • your city
  • and the shining uniqueness that only your business can offer.

All created from the the single focus of caring about your customer.  

It’s not magic. And it doesn’t have to be daunting. Done well and consistently over time, social media brings customers in the first time and engages them to become lifetime customers. But it does take commitment, consistency, and long-range view.

Partner with Blue Ascension Media to create and implement your social media strategy, framework, and content generation so you can focus on your core business and strategy.

Demand Generation

Focused Leads & Campaigns

We create engaging campaigns to attract your customers and compel them to action so you can reconnect with them and nurture them into becoming your advocates.

  • Focused landing pages (distraction-free pages for a single event, product, or service)
  • Marketing funnels (customer interaction throughout the sales process)
  • Lead campaigns (set-up, tracking, reporting)
  • Large event campaigns (pre-event promotion to post-event survey)
  • Analytics and audience insights (discover customer demographics)
  • Retargeting services (re-engage warm audiences)

Squirrel! Dug the Dog from the Pixar movie “Up” is the poster child for the digital overwhelm experienced by your customers. Shiny objects and bunny trails are just waiting to distract them from your company’s message or offering.

Once your customers have found you through your social media program, a focused campaign makes it easy for them to take the next step with a clear path to action — which always results rewarding their efforts and providing benefit.
Your campaign can focus around:

  • Events (Large & Small)
  • Special offers & contests
  • Ongoing lead generation
  • Reasons to visit your physical location
  • Limited time sale

With a single-focused landing page, customers learn more about how they’ll benefit and have only one action to take.

Source: Hubspot

After bench marking 7000 business Hubspot recently noted that more landing pages can drastically increase conversions.

companies do see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15

Getting customers to your campaign great. But you’re only getting half of the goodness possible from your efforts.

Why? Because most campaigns fly blind.

They attract customers but don’t capture audience data. Without this, you miss the opportunity to re-target customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Not only will you be able to track and measure your campaign activities and results, you’ll be able to use the information to make better informed decisions on how best to use your hard-earned marketing budget.

Blue Ascension Media specializes in landing pages and focused campaigns to both build interest and provide audience insights. This allows you to determine results, re-target the campaign, and reach an increasingly appreciative audience.

Content Marketing

Connect with your customers Through Compelling content

We create content that your customers look forward to reading so you can stay top-of-mind with them without the ongoing stress of coming up with new ideas.

  • Tailored social posting content
  • Consistent voice of your company
  • Product focused
  • Feature articles & long-form content
  • Weekly/Monthly Newsletters
  • Digital media (photos, videos)
  • Press releases (products, events, news)

“Ugh. Another day. Another social media post to create. Or three. What the heck do I write about today?”

Does the thought of writing your content strike fear in your heart? Do you worry your writing won’t pass muster with your grade-school English Lit teacher? Do you stress about running out of ideas?
Good news: you can let that all go.

Your content is the oil in your social media engine. When it’s relevant and engaging, your customers will keep coming back for more and the conversation continues.

To do that, focus your content around several themes:

  • Ask
  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Entertain
  • Listen
  • Respond

Blue Ascension Media partners with you to create content that gets results, written specifically for your company, in your voice, and with strategic variety of timing, length, type, complexity, and focus.

Through your content, your customers become part of the special community that you’re creating, building trust in your company and keeping you top-of-mind.

Technology Integration

Connect with your customers Through Compelling content

We create and oversee your cohesive message across social media platforms to showcase your brand, while leveraging the strengths of each channel so your customers can find you where they like to hang out.

  • Comprehensive online audit to maximize your online strategy from your website & funnels to strong engagement across social channels
  • Full local listing services
  • Cutting-edge technology to monitor and implement industry changes and trends
  • Great looking marketing websites to optimize your sales funnel
  • Analytics services to see what is working with your website and boost the areas and content that is. See what is under the hood.

Maximize your customer experience by leveraging your message across social media platforms and implementing the latest platform updates & trends.

One size does not fit all when it comes to social media. Each platform has its own quirks and preferences for distributing content and how best to represent your brand. Plus, your customers may prefer certain social media channels and ways of communication over others.

What platform does your customer prefer?

  • Facebook: sharing good news and common interests with friends and family; most widely popular channel: 68% of U.S. adults  are Facebook users
  • Instagram: high visual impact with photos and short videos, with brief descriptive content; 71% of the age group 18-24 use Instagram in the US
  • Twitter: short observations or comments on a photo; 45% of the age group 18-24 use Twitter in the US

To make it even more challenging, each platform may have subtle differences that aren’t readily apparent. Or the rules change frequently. You’ve heard that Facebook often changes its distribution algorithm. If you don’t keep up with the changes, your customers may not see your posts.

So how do you overcome the challenges of creating multi-channel content without going crazy?

Knowing the ins and outs of each platform along with how best to represent and distribute your message is what we do.

We provide your consistent message across platforms and reach your customers on the platforms they prefer — and enable all your channels to be reachable from the others. This is the key to your social media success.

Blue Ascension Media creates, monitors, and updates your core brand message and visual presentation for each platform, leveraging the latest industry widgets and strategies to attract your customers and create the place they enjoy hanging out.